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Online Grievance Management System

Online Grievance Management System(OGMS) is a web-based application designed to provide an online way of solving the public and the organisation’s problems. This application software is used to record, resolve & respond to the user grievance request and the grievance’s approval, and the user receives a response via SMS.
The AG, Haryana, aimed to develop this application software to make grievances easier to Coordinate, Monitor, Track, and Resolve in time. The objective was to provide the organisation with an efficient tool to prioritise the target problem areas and improve it. Another reason for developing this application software is replacing the manual record work with an efficient and accurate online record system to enhance work-time constraints.
The OGMS is developed to enhance the current (manual) grievance system by using the web application. Therefore, the OGMS can provide several channels for filing the complaint, enabling the users to send the complaint easier, and give the channel(SMS) for progress reporting by using the web application.
Moreover, the application can classify the complaint and directly send it to the responsible department; therefore, the system could reduce hiring the operation staff and time of the operation. Furthermore, the OGMS allows the employees to manage the complaint through the web application instead of manually on the paper form.
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