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Pull SMS Service

Want to increase leads and promote your business and products by getting the customer’s data?

Pull SMS or mobile originated (MO) SMS is an excellent method for Lead Generation business, which works 24X7. Pull service can manage to receive the incoming messages for different services on a single number using a keyword. Pull SMS(Short Code/Long Code) with a combination of keywords is an extraordinary method to advertise your business, boost response rates and assemble a customer database. The short codes/long codes are easier to read and keep in mind, so you include these numbers on brochures, store-front, website, social media or practically all marketing channels and furnish your customers with a straightforward, cost-effective approach to contact you promptly. We have handled these pull services in many automated processes.

How do we work?

  1. The cycle starts when a request is sent to short code/long code via telephone.
  2. The received message is then further forwarded by the mobile operator to the Server.
  3. The Server processes the message, and the response is processed.
  4. The response will be sent to the server, which is referred to as Push SMS.
  5. For configuration, Pull SMS is stored in the inbox on the Server and will be email or SMS to the concerned person.

Why Us?

With over 8 years of expertise, Veritos Infosolutions has delivered Best-in-Class solutions. Hundreds of organisations trust us with sending business-critical messages including Accountant General, Haryana. Having Enterprise-grade security, we have strict data encryption and data privacy policies.

Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden charges; Veritos offers the Pull SMS services at honest rates.

24X7 Customer Support

Our experts are readily available to help you with everything from simple things to technical.

Data Security

Your data is secure as we data encryption and data privacy policies

Real-time configuration

You can easily track the status of SMS in real-time.

Fast SMS delivery

We have a partnership with various mobile operators; hence we can ensure best delivery speed. 

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