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Veritos Infosolutions provides the service of domain name registration. Domain name increases name recognition. Domain names provide a simple way for your clients to remember your location. We offer domain name registration services that help business organizations in a standard way by providing them a universal identity over the internet. Veritos Infosolutions provides domain name registration service for individuals and small business, corporate that can be used for building corporate web presence.

We offer domain registration, which permits in reserving an exclusive web address that refers the web site of each company. Domain names provide a global identity for your products and services. By registering a domain name you can acquire complete control over your domain. This form of registration provides free DNS management and free domain parking.

We offer you the service for the renewal of your domain name and categorize internet protocol resources. Our domain names are created by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System. We are a leading domain name registration provider company offering affordable site hosting and the best domain names for your business or personal website.

We offer domain registration, which is used for many networking perspectives and also for addressing functions. There are numerous websites over the internet with a common domain name; these domain names assist your business organizations in a standard way by providing them a universal identity.

Free Features with all domains that you register with us

Privacy Protection: Domain Privacy Protection feature allows to hide the domain name owner details from publicly-accessible database like WhoIs. Enable Privacy Protection if you don’t want to share your information (i.e name, email address, phone number, etc) publically.
Managed DNS: Take full control of your domain by managing name servers and ability to modify record types like A Address, MX, MXE, CNAME and TXT at no extra cost.

Domain Forwarding: Redirect your domain visitors to any URL/website of your choice. This feature is quite useful for forwarding multiple domain name/tld (xyz.in, xyz.co.in, xyzs.com) to a single domain (xyz.com).

Email ID: Converse with your professional email ID (name@domainname.com). You can create up to 2 email accounts with a storage capacity of 100 MB per account at no extra cost.

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